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How does something so soft work so hard?

Due to the prevalence of hard surfaces and equipment, medical facilities are notoriously noisy places. Unlike regular cubicle curtains, the patented design of HUSH Curtain® absorbs and blocks sound in ways that reduce ambient noise while increasing patient and caregiver privacy.

Less noise. More healing.

Reduced noise increases patient healing as well as improves sleep.

Hear yourself think – and talk.

Less noise, less stress, better all round communication. How’s that sound?

Privacy matters.

Improved confidentiality between patients and staff is an important part of HIPAA compliance.

Easy installation.

Uses existing cubicle track with no construction, no downtime and no loss of revenue.

Cleans like a regular curtain.

Easy to clean with existing laundry services.

A calm environment is good medicine – and good business.

  • Reduces patient stress, enhances quality of sleep and promotes overall healing.
  • Improves staff communication for more effective consultations.
  • Advances a hospital’s HIPAA compliance through better privacy controls and improves patients’ perception of your facility.
  • Use as a tool to improve your HCAHPS scores by reducing the noise your patients are exposed to at night.