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Acoustical Data

Does less noise sound good to you?

Reverberation, racket, echo, din….

call it what you will. But you don’t have to be a certified Acoustician to know noise when you hear it. There’s too much of it in the typical hospital and HUSH Curtain® solves the problem.

If you need proof, please review the charts below or download our whitepaper in PDF.

Reverberation time field test


Above is a chart showing a field test that was conducted in an open bay Emergency Department. As seen by the green line, before HUSH Curtain® was installed, noise reverberation in the room was very high. This reduced speech intelligibility during critical conversations among staff and patients with staff and contributed to a stressful work environment. The optimum reverberation time for speech intelligibility in that facility was .7 seconds.

Incorporating HUSH Curtain® into this Emergency Department reduced the reverberation time to better than the optimum as shown by the blue line. The noise level at peak census was also reduced 30%. After the installation, staff and patient communication was much improved and the noise level in the room reduced creating a significantly more quiet and private environment for patients.